Editorial Board


  • Michael Kwok-Po Ng, PhD, The University of Hong Kong, Department of Mathematics, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong, Scientific Computing,  Data science,  Bioinformatics

Associate Editors

  • Daniele Bertaccini, PhD, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Roma, Italy, Structured preconditioning, Krylov iterative solvers, Computation of functions of large matrices, Numerical algorithms for complex network analysis, Network dynamics
  • Xiaohao Cai, PhD, University of Southampton School of Electronics and Computer Science, Southampton, United Kingdom, Computer vision,  imaging processing,  machine learning,  scientific computing.
  • Chuan Chen, PhD, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China, Graph Machine Learning,  Federated Learning,  Multi-view Learning,  Clustering and Classification,  Data Mining
  • Ka Chun Cheung, PhD, NVIDIA AI Technology Center, Shatin, Hong Kong, Machine learning,  Computer vision,  Meshless method,  Numerical partial differential equations
  • Jun Fan, PhD, Hong Kong Baptist University, Department of Mathematics, Hong Kong, China, Statistical machine learning,  high dimensional data analysis,  deep learning theory
  • Abel J P Gomes, PhD, University of Beira Interior, Department of Computer Science, Covilhã, Portugal, Geometric Computing,  Computer Graphics,  Molecular Graphics and Visualization,  Medical Imaging,  Computer Games
  • Pedram Johari, PhD, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America, Intra-body Communications and Networking,  Internet of Medical Things,  Low Power Wireless IoT,  Vehicular Communications
  • Fang Li, PhD, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China, Image processing,  Inverse problem,  Numerical optimization,  Deep learning
  • Mariarosa Mazza, PhD, University of Insubria, Varese, Italy, Toeplitz matrices, Matrix algebras, Preconditioned Krylov methods, Geometric multigrid, Discrete fractional calculus
  • Yaxin Peng, PhD, Shanghai University, Department of Mathematics, Shanghai, China, Point cloud registration,  Segmentation,  Metric learning,  Image guide surgical navigation system
  • Xiaojuan Qi, PhD, The University of Hong Kong, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Computer Vision,  Deep Learning,  Artificial Intelligence and Medical Image Analysis
  • Debashri Roy, PhD, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America, Wireless communication, deep learning, multimodal data fusion, distributed systems, edge computing, spectrum sharing, cognitive radio
  • Meko So, PhD, University of Southampton, Southampton Business School, Southampton, United Kingdom, Credit scoring,  Marketing Analytics
  • Xiwei Tang, PhD, Hunan First Normal University, Changsha, China, Computational drug Repositioning,  Essential Protein Identification,  Disease Gene Prioritization
  • Shu-Qiang Wang, PhD, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Shenzhen, China, Machine learning (GAN, VAE, Diffusion model), Brain image computing, Brain informatics
  • Yong Wang, PhD, Institute of Mathematics Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, Optimization models and algorithms,  Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
  • You-Wei Wen, PhD, Hunan Normal University, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Changsha, Hunan, China, Mathematics of machine learning,  Data science,  Scientific computing,  Image processing
  • Qingyao Wu, PhD, South China University of Technology School of Software Engineering, Guangzhou, China, Transfer Learning,  Integrating Vision to Language,  Knowledge Graph mining,  Multi-label Learning,  Online Learning,  Ensemble Learning,  Weak Supervised Learning,  Semi-supervised Learning
  • Jianlin Xia, PhD, Purdue University, Department of Mathematics, West Lafayette, Indiana, United States of America, Structured matrices, Numerical linear algebra, Randomized linear algebra
  • Haizhao Yang, PhD, Purdue University, Department of Mathematics, West Lafayette, Indiana, United States of America, Mathematics of machine learning,  Data science,  Applied and computational harmonic analysis,  Scientific computing
  • Shuqin Zhang, PhD, Fudan University, Shanghai, China, Data science,  Bioinformatics